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About me

My name is Pasquale, like my grandfather's. I was born on 17th October 1949 in Castropignano, from Armida and Raffaele Sardella, back then children were born at home and not in hospitals. I now live in a house that I built from the foundation to the roof with my own hands and with the help of my wife, Pina. We have two children, Raffaella, and Cristiano. I belong to the last generation that learned to swim in the Biferno, the river par excellence of Molise.
After elementary school, studying was for me an unthinkable suffering. I am a surveyor, I have exercised the profession, and in 1977 I obtained a law degree from the University of Rome, since 1978 I worked at the ministry of cultural heritage and activities (ministero per i beni e le attività culturali) of Molise. I am interested in the Tratturi (cattle-track), I still remember the transhumant flocks. I know them well since I have traveled them walking , horseback riding and running my motorcycle ( a honda xr 250 enduro still working, 1982 registration year). I "retired" on the 1 July 2010 with the professional qualification of ethno-anthropologist coordinating director.
I know my region, Molise, and I recognize the dialects of almost all the villages (136). I was seeker and dealer of white truffles, so I patronized some of the most famous restaurants in Italy. I have a small olive farm of about 5 acres, from which I produce quality oil extracted from olives that are obtained only thanks to my work and with the help of God, without treatment on the plant and without the use of synthetic fertilizers. Within the farm there is an old county house where I run a small business of rural tourism. I also make my own wine and kill the pig once a year to produce ham and sausages for my family. I like woodworking, and I produce kitchen cutting boards from seasoned wood. I am fond of history,  I paint, restore old furniture, collect antique tools of farmers, and restore old buildings.  I devote myself, without success, to sell homes and land in Molise, the prices are so low that for now I am the only buyer. To put it as a farmer of Dogliani, professor Luigi Einaudi, I enjoy the "pleasure of physical possession, to walk on one's own fund, the social pleasure of domination over the people who has no land, the joy of not working at fixed hours, but in waves, with periods of anxiety and great intensity ".